Jennifer Beasley, MA, LPC is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, and Speaker. Counseling Headquarters are based in Oak Park, Illinois, but virtual recovery coaching services are provided throughout the world. 

Jenn Beasley is not only a resource for treatment but she believes in the importance of education. She provides trainings to clinicians in the community in order to raise awareness of those affected by an eating disorder, the signs and symptoms that may signal someone is struggling with an eating disorder, and how to encourage someone to receive the appropriate level of care to heal from the eating disorder. Let Jenn help educate you and/or your staff to learn how to prevent, identify, and refer a client who may be struggling with this life threatening disease.  

Jenn has many years of experience with youth, adults, and families finding themselves in the trenches of an eating disorder. Through internships and careers post degree, she learned to use a number of therapeutic techniques as well as providing valuable insight when working with individuals and families battling an eating disorder and embarking on the recovery journey. Her work with families has allowed her to see the need for connection among parents and siblings of those in eating disorder recovery. Many parents feel they are walking on eggshells around the child they once felt so close to. Some may not even recognize their child at times when the eating disorder is strong. She believes the family can be reunited and charge forth to battle the eating disorder as an united front. With her support and education, she is on the frontline with the families, throughout it all in Be the Anchor in the Storm.

Jenn was a volunteer guide with MentorCONNECT for over seven years. More recently, she has switched gears into creating Recovery RedefinED a wrap around recovery coaching service for clients who are actively trying to recover from their eating disorder. Her objective is to help individuals work through and accomplish their recovery goals, while building confidence in the recovery process, as they do real life...going to school, going to work, taking care of their family, etc.

"Most people have no idea how hard eating disorder recovery really is. My recovery coaching helps make it doable. My clients and I work through the tedious and toughest parts together, to fully recover". 

-Jenn Beasley

To call Jenn 727-237-3242, or email her at info@jennbeasley.com